Do you want to tuft but don't have the room or don't want to buy all of the machinery and materials?  Do you want to tuft with friends?  Open tufting hours are perfect for you!  

Take advantage of our wooden frames, materials, and brand-new tufting guns.

How does it work?

You are allotted 4 hours to tuft in each session. Once you book a time, please choose an image you would like to tuft and bring it with you either on a USB drive or email it to us at with your imagine. When you arrive, our staff will have the machine and materials ready for you to start your masterpiece!  We recommend that you arrive at least 2 hours prior to closing time to make progress on your tufting project. 

Please note: A waiver is required to be signed before beginning your session. 

Do I need to know how to tuft to come to Open Tufting Hours?
No, our staff will introduce you to tufting and how to operate the tufting gun safely.  It helps if you already have an image in mind for what you'd like to tuft.

Pricing for Open Tufting Hours (machine and materials included)

Small (12"x12"): $88

Medium (20"x20"): $126

Large (28"x28"): $165

Extra Large (36"x36"): $225

Rectangle (24"x16"): $109

Tufting with a Small Mirror (12"x12"): $98

Tufting with a Large Mirror (12"x12"): $103

When is Open Tufting?
Open tufting is available any time when the store is open, except for Saturdays.  We recommend booking a slot in advance so a spot is reserved for you, in case we have a busy tufting day.  If you plan to come with friends, it's definitely a good idea to book in advance. 

Weekends and weekday evenings tend to be busier than other times, so plan accordingly, or make a reservation in advance.  

The Fine Print
Tufting is a fun activity that involves a powerful tufting gun, glue, and other tools.  As such, injuries are possible and we expect all Open Tufting Hours visitors to follow safe practices and agree to sign a Liability Waiver.