Garden Streets started in 2018 with a mission of helping people live and work more effortlessly and joyfully.  The first service we launched was plant design and maintenance that incorporated live greenery to blank offices and buildings.  Using the principles of biophilic design, we brought nature indoors to help visitors, employees and patients alike feel welcomed and rejuvenated.

When the pandemic hit in 2019, so many offices closed and the world moved to remote work.  The need for everyone to stay connected while staying apart inspired us to create our very first virtual event, Succulent Terrarium Building,  complete with a curated kit shipped to attendees' home addresses.  This event went so well that we just had to keep going.  

Today, Garden Streets offers hands-on experiences in plants & nature, food & bev, wellness, Diversity Equity and Inclusion and interactive games.  Through hundreds of events and thousands of attendees from corporate clients, we heard loud and clear that people wanted to share our experiences with their friends and family.

Now that people are gathering in-person again, we are so excited to launch our inaugural brick-and-mortar store experience for the 2022 Holiday Season 2022: 

Studio by Garden Streets

For an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience with your friends and family, come join us at one of our stores.

I hope to see you soon!


Jen Gouldstone

Founder & Owner