Do you want to practice sewing but can't find the room or don't have a sewing machine?  Do you want to sew with friends?  Open sewing hours are perfect for you!  

Take advantage of our wide open tables and brand new Bernina sewing machines that whisper as they smoothly stitch the yards away.

How does it work?
Simply come with your project materials and sign in at the register when you arrive.  When you are done, please turn off the sewing machine and anything else you might have used (ironing board?) and check out at the register.  You'll only be charged based on time spent rounded to the nearest 15min. 

Threads (black and white) are on us!  We also have fabric scissors, rotary cutters and pins that you can borrow.  Please treat them kindly and do not use fabric scissors on anything else such as paper patterns.  We also have an ironing board and iron that you can use to smooth out fabrics and patterns.

Do I need to know how to sew to come to Open Sewing Hour?
Yes, we expect that you have a working knowledge of sewing machines.  Our staff is happy to do a short walk-through of the Bernina machine so you know how to thread the needle and where the switches are.  However, if you're completely new to sewing, we recommend attending our Intro to Sewing (scrunchies and pillowcase) and/or PJ Pants workshops first.  You can also arrange for a private sewing lesson at the studio to get started. 

Pricing for Open Sewing Hours (machine and thread usage included, other materials not included)
$10 / hour or $2.50 / 15min 

Note: If you're just looking to finish a project from a workshop, use of sewing machine is complimentary. 

When is Open Sewing Hour?
Open sewing is available any time when the store is open.  We recommend booking a slot in advance so a spot reserved for you, in case we have a busy sewing day.  If you plan to come with friends, it's definitely a good idea to book in advance. 

Weekends and weekday evenings tend to be busier than other times, so plan accordingly, or make a reservation in advance.  

The Fine Print
Sewing is a fun activity that involves powerful sewing machines, hot irons, sharp pins and other tools.  As such, injuries are possible and we expect all Open Sewing Hour visitors to follow safe practices and agree to sign a Liability Waiver.