Spring Break 2024!

Join us for Spring Break at Studio! We have exciting workshops planned each day, where adults, tweens and teens can learn new skills and create something they can be proud of.  Each workshop is designed to teach a different set of skills.  You'll be able to complete some projects in the studio or take home to finish.  

Below is a calendar of workshops:

Monday, April 15 12:00 PM Crochet 101
Monday, April 15 4:00 PM Moss Art
Tuesday, April 16 12:00 PM Tufting Tuesday
Tuesday, April 16 5:30 PM Jewelry Making: Polymer Earrings
Wednesday, April 17 12:00 PM Candle Making
Wednesday, April 17 2:30 PM Basket Weaving
Wednesday, April 17 5:30 PM Air Dried Pottery (link coming soon)
Thursday, April 18 12:00 PM Crochet 102
Thursday, April 18 3:30 PM Sewing Tote Bag
Thursday, April 18 6:00 PM Herb Garden
Friday, April 19 12:00 PM Tufting
Friday, April 19 5:30 PM Nature Inspired Acrylic Painting

Location:  Studio by Garden Streets, 2nd floor near TJMaxx

100 CambridgeSide Pl, Cambridge, MA 02141