Cambridge Summer Program

Introduce your tween or teen to an exciting and hands-on summer program dedicated to arts and crafts! Our skilled instructors offer a valuable and creative learning opportunity that will keep them engaged throughout the entire summer! Starting on July 8th, each session will feature a new theme and corresponding skills to discover. Each week is booked individually, so you can choose the one that is most interesting to you. The program will run from noon to 4pm Monday-Friday each week. 

Here is a schedule of the fun activities to expect:

July 8-12 Yarn Arts Crochet 101, Punch Needling, Tapestry Weaving, 3D Embroidery Charm, Tufting, Knitting 101, 3D Embroidery Construction, Free Project Time
July 15-19 Fabric Arts Sewing Machine 101, Sewing Tote Bag, Tufting, Sewing a Skirt, Sun Hat or Ugly Doll, Quilting Basics, Sew a Picnic Blanket, Free Project time
July 22-26
Crafting adventures
Paper Quilling stationery, Air-dried pottery pinch pots, Tufting, Candle Making, Polymer earring making, Glassware Painting, Basket Weaving, Mosaic Coaster or Mirror, Diamond Painting, Free Project Time
July 29- Aug 2
Yarn Arts Repeat
Aug 5-9
Fabric Arts Repeat
Aug 12-16
Crafting adventures Repeat
Aug 19-23
Open Studio Projects
Pick 2 projects per day

Available Activities for Open Studio Craft Week & Free Project time
- Friendship Bracelet
- 5-charm Hair Band
- Figurine Painting (Trinket Dish)
- Diamond Painting (Coaster or Key Chain)
- Mini-Easle Painting
- Zen Rock Painting
- Sand Art
- Paint-Your-Own Cotton Fabric Pencil Case
- Origami Cube
- Decoupage Coaster
- Pour Art (Bear Keychain, Small Duck)

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